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cs-26 guillaume eymenier "dunedin"- digital only
cs-25 leyka "level up" - digital only
cs-24 karen vogt "I just want to feel" - CD 8€ - deluxe 10 €
16:9 "eigenstate" - digital only
cs-22 cats hats gowns "perpetual sunset" - digital only
cs-21 i am a vowel "io" - vinyl EP 12
cs-20 Y&G "3rd" - digital only
cs-19 lugano fell "radelec tevelec" - CDr 10€
cs-18 lugano fell "asia sleep music" - CDr (sold out)
cs-17 becoming "idealista" - dble vinyl EP 18€
cs-16 cats hats gowns "winter" - CDr 10€
cs-15 james s. taylor & 16:9 "shits" - CDr 10€
cs-14 16:9 "echolocation" - CDr (sold out)
cs-13 james s. taylor & 16:9 "fallen from the back of a lorry" - dble CDr (sold out)
cs-12 i am a vowel "torpeur sous l'équateur" - CDr (sold out)
cs-11 guillaume eymenier "a stake set" - CDr (sold out)
cs-10 cats hats gowns "badisad obistroz" - vinyl LP 30€

cs-09 y&g "2nd" - CDr 10€
cs-08 y&g "1st" - CDr 10€
cs-07 cats hats gowns "argentina" - CDr 10€

cs-06 nadir "semper virens" - CDr 10€
cs-05 nelly vowell & cats hats gowns "could i be a bee" - CDr 10€
cs-04 faravelliratti "lieu" - vinyl LP - sold out
cs-03 cats hats gowns "abrash" - vinyl EP 12€
cs-02 cedric pin "mindereien" - vinyl LP 12€
cs-01 cats hats gowns "10,000" - CD 10€

please note:

CDr are burnt & printed by us with great care
using Tayo-Yuden CDr and qwality paper