cs04 - faravelliratti "lieu"

cs-04  FaravelliRatti

side A: At Noon 
Bows And Arrows
And Lacrosse Sticks

side B: I've Witnessed
This Spectacle

Every September

Nicola Ratti, electric guitar, effects, mixer
Attila Faravelli, computer through prepared speakers

recorded by Attila Faravelli at Lift, Milano, June 2009
mixed by Giuseppe Ielasi 

mastered by Rashad Becker
cover foto & artwork by Cedrick Eymenier

digital bandcamp
vinyl LP (SOLD OUT)

FaravelliRatti is a duo comprised of Nicola Ratti (guitar) and Attila Faravelli (computer) who play with a tower of different prepared speakers and a taper recorder in between them. The idea is to feed speakers with different languages in the same space and have them resonate with the physical space. Every speaker is prepared and positioned so the resonance can be controlled by the players, moving their bodies around the sound totem in between them. The result is liquid ambient music where the sonic ambience gains movement from guitar melodies which dive into the sonic ambience again. The record is a limited edition of 200 LPs with a stunning cover designed by Cedrick Eymenier of coriolislab.
(LP co-edited with Boring Machines, release date: 15 September 2010)