cs03 - cats hats gowns "abrash"

cs-03  Cats Hats Gowns

side A - 7'35"
side B - 8'06" 

recorded by Cats Hats Gowns in 2009
Yvan Duhamel, guitar
Guillaume Eymenier, guitar
Cedrick Eymenier, moog synthesizer

mixed & mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

digital bandcamp 
vinyl EP (90 copies) + ltd ed. w/ photo print by C.E.


a.brash (ä-bräsh, -bräzh) The natural and variable change in color that occurs in an Oriental rug over time when different dyes are used. "Change or variation in the color of a rug due to differences in the wool or dye bath. The effect of abrash is subtle shading differences. In older or antique rugs, abrash occurs naturally. In new rugs, both machine made and hand made, Abrash is carefully created by changing the color of the yarns to mimic a vintage look."