cs10 - cats hats gowns "badisad obistroz"

cs-10  Cats Hats Gowns
           Badisad Obistroz

side A  
Badisad Obistroz
Mara' amu
White Squall

side B

digital, go bandcamp
vinyl LP (100 copies) = 22
Cats Hats Gowns
Guillaume Eymenier - guitar, mix
Yvan Duhamel - guitar
Cédrick Eymenier - synth
Mathias Rossignol - drums

mastering Giuseppe Ielasi
artwork Laetitia Bénat
screenprint Superheights

Badisad Obistroz is a collection of windy improvised recordings
recorded in 2010 over a one-week-session.

Badisad Obistroz is a wind blowing in Afghanistan.
Mara’amu a wind blowing in Tahiti.
Migjorn is a southern hot wind, rare and moderate, blowing in the Roussillon, France.
A white squall is a sudden and violent windstorm at sea which is not accompanied by the black clouds generally characteristic of a squall.
Chergui (Arabic : šarqīa شرقية) is the name of a continental southeasterly wind which blows on the most part of Morocco, a hot and dry wind coming from the Sahara Desert.
A williwaw is a sudden blast of wind descending from a mountainous coast to the sea. The word is of unknown origin, but was earliest used by British seamen in the 19th century.
Khamsin (Arabic: خمسين‎ khamsīn), more commonly known in Egypt as khamaseen, is a dry, hot, sandy local wind, blowing from the south, in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

-- Cats Hats Gowns "chergui" from the album Badisad Obistroz - video by Cedrick Eymenier