cs13 - JT16:9 "fallen off .."

cs-13  James S. Taylor & 16:9
           Fallen Off The Back Of A Lorry
cd 1
source material for an exhibition
curated by Judicaël Lavrador @ ESBAMA, Montpellier, 2016
cd 2
remix by James S. Taylor

all music by James S. Taylor & Cédrick Eymenier
artwork by Cédrick Eymenier 

digital bandcamp
dble CDr (sold out)

James S. Taylor & Cedrick Eymenier, ESBAMA, Montpellier (F), 2015

review by Frans de Waard, Vital weekly #1078

Together with one James S. Taylor, Eymenier created music for an exhibition, curated by Judicael Lavrador Esbama in Montpellier and on the first disc of 'Fallen Of The Back Of A Lorry' we hear ten pieces from that whereas on the second disc there is a remix of the thing by Taylor, which spans a piece that lasts an hour, and one that is a bit shorter. Here too, on both discs actually, I would think there is much of modular set-up to be heard, but feeding into that are field recordings of various locations, voices and such like. Rhythm is less prominent here, if at all and the two are more interested in playing some kind of experimental ambient sound, more than 16:9, which is quite nice. Sometimes the pieces are also a bit on the long side and meander too much about without seemingly going anywhere and some editing would have been in place, I think. Not every CD has to last seventy minutes; some editing would surely make a stronger release. The remix takes the material even further down the road of abstraction, and even when this is also long, this I liked even better. The meandering of sounds, spacious field recordings, some sparse synthesizers make the long remix very nice. In a way it is very ambient, but it comes with a twist, rough at the edges and it works very well. (FdW)