Coriolis Sounds was founded by Cats Hats Gowns in 2009
Coriolis Sounds is part of www.coriolislab.org


w/ music by
+ i am a vowel
+ cats hats gowns
+ becoming (james s. taylor & 16:9)
+ guillaume eymenier
+ james s. taylor
+ y&g
+ faravelliratti (nicola ratti & attila faravelli)
+ 16:9
+ cedric pin
+ nadir

Cedrick Eymenier, co-founder of Coriolis Sounds, is also deeply involved in programming music/sound related events
+ Cassiopeia (2015-2016) w/ James S. Taylor, Alex A. Duncan
+ Le Soleil se Lève et se Couche sans Obstacle (2015) w/ Jonathan Chauveau 
+ Le Son du Salagou (2012-2013) w/ Markus Detmer (Staubgold)

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