the more we play, the less you pay
-- for booking :

2018-AUG-?? - becoming LIVE (james s. taylor & cedrick eymenier), in-extremis event, TBA
2018-SEPT-?? - becoming LIVE (james s. taylor & cedrick eymenier) ISI festival, Montpellier, TBA
2018-OCT - james s. taylor & cedrick eymenier - 10 days multichannel sound installation @ gare de lyon, Paris, as part of Nuit Blanche

+ every 1st monday of the month, 9pm, radio coriolis, youtube live streaming 

Coriolis Sounds, is also deeply involved in programming music/sound related events
+ Cassiopeia (2015-2016) w/ James Taylor, Alex Andreas Duncan
+ Le Soleil se Lève et se Couche sans Obstacle (2015) w/ Jonathan Chauveau
+ Le Son du Salagou (2012-2013) w/ Markus Detmer
(more details, images & flyers below)

2018-JUN-28 - 16:9 dj set, vernissage Berdarguer & Péjus, toit terrasse friche belle de mai, Marseille
2018-JUN-24 - james s. taylor & 16:9 aka becoming dj set - st bau 2018
2018-JUN-21 - james s. taylor, 16:9 dj set + guest LIVE music by Leyka Aperto, Montpellier
2018-JUN-09 - vinyl market coriolis stand, nuances festival, victoire II, Montpellier
2018-MAY-14 - coriolis meets hapax, black out, montpellier
2018-MAY-19 - james s. taylor & 16:9, live installation, nuit des musées, 19h-23h, musée de l'éphèbe, Agde
2018-APR-19 - james s. taylor & 16:9 aka becoming dj set, 19h, apothicaire, Montpellier
2018-FEB-24 - Lugano Fell, 16:9, 13bruits, K.blum, perpal, dot tape, Galerie Aperto, Montpellier
2017-NOV-04 - 16h-1h : Coriolis Sound system w/ i am a vowel, lugano fell, 16:9 @ la colonie, Paris
2017-AUG-25 - Coriolis Sound system (6hrs non stop music) w/ becoming, i am a vowel, lugano fell, cats hats gowns @ MRAC, Serignan
2017-AUG-19 - i am a vowel (live) + james s. taylor, 16:9, axel amara @ Le Zoo bar, Montpellier
2017-AUG-12 - 16:9, axel amara @ Le Zoo bar, Montpellier
2017-JUN-23 - 16:9 spinning coriolis sounds recordings @ Le Consortium Dijon
2017-JUN-08 - James S. Taylor (live) - label showcase with Wool, Linge, Hapax, Vision Nocturne, Coriolis Sounds @ Le Black Out, Montpellier 
2017-JUN-02 - Amara + 16:9 (dj) @ Le Black Out, Montpellier  
2017-MAY-20 - James S. Taylor & 16:9 (live) @ La Nuit des Musées, La Graineterie, Houilles
2017-MAY-18 - James S. Taylor & 16:9 (live) @ La Friche Mimi, Montpellier
2017-MAR-24 / JUNE 24 - Cats Hats Gowns "Sunset video series" (exhibition) @ Le Consortium, Dijon
2017-MAR-18 - i am a vowel, cats hats gowns, lugano fell (live), 16:9 @ Black Out, Montpellier
2017-FEB-04 - James S. Taylor, 16:9, International French Fighter @ Black Out, Montpellier
2016-DEC-16 - James S. Taylor (live), I Am A Vowel (live), 16:9, Ian & the Brackets @ Studio plus xxx, Paris
2016-NOV-04 - Cats Hats Gowns + Danny Oxenberg et Bear Galvin (Supreme Dicks) @ Black Out, Montpellier
2016-SEP-30 - James S. Taylor, dj nice, 16:9 @ Black Out, Montpellier
2016-SEP-17 - James S. Taylor, audio-visual live @ Meteq festival, HTH, Montpellier
2016-SEP-01 - I Am A Vowel, atelier de création radiophonique, France Culture
till 10 jan. 2017 - P#13 Shanghai, film by Cedrick Eymenier, w/ music by Steve Roden @ MAC, Marseille
2016-JUL-16/23 - CASSIOPEIA II - James S. Taylor, Palix, Cats Hats Gowns, I Am A Vowel, 16:9
2016-JUL-13 - Acid Vowel, 16:9 @ Capharnarhum, Beziers
2016-JUN-09 - CORIOLIS SOUND SYSTEM - James S. Taylor, Cats Hats Gowns, I Am A Vowel @ Black Out, Montpellier
2016-JUN-04 - Radio DADA - James S. Taylor, Cedrick Eymenier @ Fiche Mimi, Montpellier
2016-MAR-18 - ciné-concert James S. Taylor, Cedrick Eymenier @ Le Palace, Sète
2016-MAR-11 - WRONG - James S. Taylor, 16:9 @ le Montpell, Montpellier
2015-OCT-3+4 - Le Soleil (...) - Lugano Fell, Cats Hats Gowns, I Am A Vowel, Le K, Mathias Delplanque @ Chapelle Ht Quartier, Sète
2015-JUL-04 - CASSIOPEIA I - Lugano Fell, Palix, Cats Hats Gowns, I Am A Vowel, 16:9 (dj)
2015-MAY-01 - dj Nice, 16:9 @ Koa Jazz festival, Montpellier
2015-APR-25 - James S. Taylor, 16:9 @ Le Dieze, Montpellier
2015-MAR-07 -  James S. Taylor, 16:9 @ Babajallé, Montpellier
2014-DEC / 2015-JAN - Esope Reste Ici Et Se Repose #06 - 16:9, Cats Hats Gowns, Lugano Fell, I Am A Vowel @ CRAC, Sète
2014-MAY-17 - Deep Catalogue @ Couac, Villeurbanne
2013-JUL-27 - Le Son du Salagou II - Cats Hats Gowns, I am a Vowel, 16:9, Lugano Fell
2012-AUG-04 - Le Son du Salagou I - Cats Hats Gowns, I am a Vowel, 16:9, Deep Catalogue, FaravelliRatti, Nadir
2012-JUL-04 - Cats Hats Gowns @
PCF / Les Rencontres d'Arles OFF, Arles
2011-AUG-20 - Cats Hats Gowns, Nadir @ Lac du Salagou, Octon
2011-MAY-14 - Cats Hats Gowns, 16:9 @ Musée Régional d'Art Contemporain, Sérignan
2011-MAY-12 - Cats Hats Gowns, Kira Perov, Discipline/Joseph Goshn @ Le Baloard, Montpellier
2011-JAN-15 -  Yvan Duhamel w/ Rowboat/Jeff Rian @ Galerie de Multiples, Paris
2010-DEC-29 - Cats Hats Gowns, Nadir, 16:9 @ Films & Concerts sur Canapé, Béziers
2010-APR-01 - Cats Hats Gowns, Jeff Rian's Rowboat, Yannick Haenel, Gaelle Obiégly @ Galerie Poggi Bertoux, Paris
2010-JAN-02 - Cats Hats Gowns, I am a Vowel, Time Attendent @ Resonance fm - Exotic Pylon, London (UK)
2009-OCT-30 - Cats Hats Gowns @ atelier Marie Labarelle, Paris
2009-SEP-06 - Cats Hats Gowns, Damon & Naomi, TG, H & M @ Paris - Le Non_Jazz - Espace En Cour, Paris
2009-JUN-07 - Yannick Haenel & Guillaume Eymenier @ Paris - Le Cent Quatre, Paris
2009-JAN-17 - Cats Hats Gowns, Bertrand Lamarche @ CAC La Galerie, Noisy-le-Sec
2008-JUN-20 - Pace, Palix + Cedrick & Guillaume Eymenier @  Le 64, Paris
2008-JUN-16 - Cats Hats Gowns, I am a Vowel, Oostende/Laetitia Benat @ Sauf Lundii, Paris
2008-MAY-24 - Palix & Cedrick Eymenier @ Le 64, Paris
2007-DEC-05  - Cats Hats Gowns @ Le Barbizon, Paris
2007-NOV-03 - Cats Hats Gowns & Arno Labory @ Point Ephemere, Paris
2007-APR-28 - Cats Hats Gowns @ L'Atelier Galerie Jean Brolly, Paris
2007-FEB-12 - Pierre Weiss & Yvan Duhamel @ Galerie ColletPark, Paris
2006-NOV-16 - Cats Hats Gowns @ En Marge, Paris
2006-OCT-07 - Cats Hats Gowns w/ Nelly Vowel & Yannick Haenel, Cosmic Wonder @ The Deep Galerie/Purple Journal, Paris
2006-FEB-21 - Cats Hats Gowns w/ Yannick Haenel @ Centre Culturel Français, Torino (IT)
2004-FEB-26 - Cédric Pin, 16:9 @ Vks, Toulouse
2001-MAR-17/24/31 - 16:9 @ Vks, Toulouse


James S. Taylor, dj nice, 16:9 @ Black Out, Montpellier

CASSIOPEIA, 2nd edition 
w/ JULIEN CLAUSS (multi-channel sound exploration), EMMA CLAUSS (walking backwards weather forecast), PIERRE MONTAGNON (multi-channel sound adventure) JAMES S. TAYLOR (fluxus dubby noise & beyond), ALEX ANDREAS DUNCAN (soothing sounds & rhythm patterns), SHARON BLACK (walking on eggshells poetry), SÉBASTIEN JAMAIN & SARRA MAJDOUB (in the making film makers), I AM A VOWEL (she is a vowel), EVE COUTURIER (a voice in your head), JEAN JACQUES PALIX (film noir without a screen) OLIVIER DUCRET (mental groove guru, cats lover, agent provocateur), JEAN-MICHEL BOISSONET (dance around in yr bones), GAËLLE OBIÉGLY (le musée des valeurs sentimentales), PIERRE WEISS (unseen center), LOÏC BLAIRON (au centre de chaque côté), MIKA PEREZ (caprice d'un jour pluvieux), GIULIA GROSSMAN (mars society), FRANCOIS DECOURBE (ging gong), 16:9 (abstract & elastic)

i am a vowel, cats hats gowns, james s. taylor

A sweet message from our friend Jean-Jacques Palix on his blog Beyond the coda.

exhibition produced by The Tropicool Compagny / Jonathan Chauveau Friggiatti
7hrs of improvised Cats Hats Gowns for the soundtrack of the exhibition
+ a week-end of improvised music, programmed by Cedrick Eymenier
CORIOLIS SOUND SYSTEM feat. Le K, Lena, James S. Taylor, I am a Vowel, Cats Hats Gowns

curated by Cedrick Eymenier, James S. Taylor & Alex Andreas Duncan

2014-DEC / 2015-JAN
exhibition curated by Cedrick Eymenier



Deep Catalogue (Sylvia Monnier & Guillaume Eymenier)
In-vis-o (Sic Sic Tapes 071)

Le son du Salagou II curated by Cedrick Eymenier & Markus Detmer
Staubgold Radio @ (12.10.2012) includes a track by Cats Hats Gowns
thank you Markus!

Cats Hats Gowns' contribution for Dominique Balay's "Meanwhile, in Fukushima".

Our friend Sylvia Monnier's new mixtape, full of Coriolis Sounds music.

1 - Steve Roden & Jason Khan : Untitled 4 (Korm Plastics)

2 - Nelly Vowel & Cats Hats Gowns : 9 dans une boite en papier (Coriolis Sounds)

3 - Boubou Tounkara : Douga (Awesome tape from Africa)

4 - Giuseppe Ielasi : Untitled 1 (Entr'acte)

5 - Cats Hats Gowns : Tu ressembles a rien (Coriolis Sounds)

6 - Gilli Smyth : Prostitute Poem (Charly records)

7 - Nadir : Something Is Coming (Coriolis Sounds)

8 - Monoton : √1 = 1 (Desire records, Oral)

9 - Cedric Pin : Time Stops (Coriolis Sounds)

10 - The Scientists : Murderess In A Purple Dress (Karbon)

11 - Deep Catalogue : Pumping Sand (Sic Sic Tapes)

12 - David Jackman : Laus (Die Stadt)

Sylvia Monier has just released a tape in collaboration with Piotr Kurek as "Suaves Figures" on Sangoplasmo
She's also working on a first recording with Guillaume Eymenier (Cats Hats Gowns), as Deep Catalogue

Live at "Garden Arty" - Béziers 
w/ Cats Hats Gowns, Deep Catalogue, Nadir

JULY 2012
"Es Feriado" Fernando Mariani (from Buenos Aires) has uploaded a new series of wonderful photos on 
his website with a Cats Hats Gowns track.. here

Cats Hats Gowns, live - Festival Arles - Siège PCF

2 films by Cédrick Eymenier on Air France
Scarlet O'Abrash (with music by Cats Hats Gowns) & Mirissa (with music by Cedric Pin)
will be on screens from May to august 2012 in all Air France long-haul flights as part of
a program of contemporary art video. Coriolis Sounds

Radio - France Culture
Radio director, Alexandre Plank invite Cats Hats Gowns to work on a reading based on Mathieu Bertholet's "Une Vue".
This project comissioned by Radio France has been selected for the Prix Italia Award 2012.

Soundfjord b-day- London
Screenings by Cédrick Eymenier w/ Cats Hats Gowns

Le Bon Accueil - Rennes

Cédrick invites artists to create an original track for the ehibition "Esope reste ici et se repose #5".
All based on Aesop's fables reading.

Sebastien Jamain "L'Alcyon"
Masumi Raymond "The Bear and the two Travelers"
Akira Rabelais "The Fishermen & the Tuna Fish"
Cats Hats Gowns & Gaelle Obiegly "Le Renard qui a Perdu Sa Queue"
Sebastien Jamain & Madeleine Aktypi "La Linotte et la Chauve-Souris"
Picola Naine "Le Cheval, le Boeuf, le Chien, et l'Homme"
Stephan Mathieu & Caro Mikalef "Das Schilfrohr und der Ölbaum"
I am a vowel "Jupiter and the Frogs"
Sebastien Jamain & Eleni Gatsou "Le Berger Facétieux"
Nadir "Le Cygne pris pour l'Oie"
Steve Roden "Le Renard au Ventre Gonflé"
Naomi Yang "The North Wind and the Sun"

drawing by Laetitia Benat, photos by Cédrick Eymenier

Live - MRAC - Sérignan
in a field of Didier Marcel's giant mushroom..

                                                                                                                              © JP Planchon  

Live - Le Baloard - Montpellier
Films & Concerts sur Canapé - Béziers
Films by, Joseph Fawcett & Aran Hughes, Guillaume Eymenier, Cédrick Eymenier
Music by, Nadir, Cats Hats Gowns, dj 16:9

Coriolis Sounds / D’Autres Cordes Records / Dokidoki editions / Lentonia Records / Motus / Néocea Sound Machine / Ototoï music / Qwartz / Rolax / Staubgold. Le Qwartz miniMarket est un rendez-vous régulier destiné à renforcer les liens entre les acteurs des Musiques Nouvelles, le public et la presse. Une dizaine d’exposants sont sélectionnés sur proposition. Une programmation musicale et audio-visuelle clôture chaque miniMarket. Labels, netlabels, maisons d’éditions, collectifs d'artistes sont tous les bienvenus. Editions limitées, collectors et nouvelles sorties sont privilégiés. Prenant la forme de salons, ce rendez-vous rassemble une dizaine de labels indépendants autour d’une programmation musicale et audiovisuelle.
Qwartz miniMarket La Société de Curiosités 9 Cité des Trois Bornes 75011 Paris - F  

Salon de Montrouge - Paris
Exhibition of Cedrick Eymenier's Abrash / Scarlet Ibis project
- Abrash, vinyl edition by Cats Hats Gowns (Coriolis Sounds CS-003)
- Corocoro Rojo, foto 60x40cm
- Scarlet O' Abrash, new video w/ music by Cats Hats Gowns

Live - Galerie Poggi Bertoux - Paris
For the publication of the 2 parts monograph dedicated to Cedrick Eymenier, edited by "les editions Ordet",
a lecture-concert was organised with Yannick Haenel and Gaelle Obiégly accompagned by Cats Hats Gowns' guitars.

Issue project room - New-York
PLATFORM FILMS by Cedrick Eymenier 

P#01 EuraLille – music by Giuseppe Ielasi
P#02 London (Canary wharf + City) – music by Motion & Sogar
P#03 La Defense (Paris) – music by Sogar
P#04 Dalle Beaugrenelle (Paris) – music by Pirandèlo
P#05 Porte de Bagnolet (Paris) – music by Sebastien Roux
P#06 Porte de Bercy (Paris) – music by Sebastien Roux
P#07 Aéroport Roissy CDG (Paris) – music by Sebastien Roux
P#08 Frankfurt – music by Cats Hats Gowns
P#09 Chicago – music by Fennesz
P#10 Miami – music by Stephan Mathieu
P#11 Rotterdam – music by Vladislav Delay
P#12 Tokyo – music by Akira Rabelais, Oren Ambarchi, Taylor Deupree

ISSUE PROJECT ROOM At the Old American Can Factory

232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Exotic Pylon Radio show - Resonance fm - hosted by Jonny Mugwump

cd compilation edited by Avant-poste
Contains an original track with Arno Labory's voice and lyrics "multicolor 240" 

Live - Le Non Jazz - Espace en cours - Paris
Thank you Le Non Jazz! And thank you Damon & Naomi for inviting us on stage to play this beautiful song "Cruel queen" with you.
(Cedrick did a video of that song, edited by Factory 25) -- drawings by Martin Etienne

le 104 - Paris

Yannick Haenel, lecture
Guillaume Eymenier, film + live guitar

Guillaume Eymenier a réalisé un film sur la première partie du livre de Yannick Haenel. Il nous offre son regard et ses images pour accompagner cette errance magnifique, celle d'un homme qui décide un matin de déserter sa vie d'avant, se met à errer librement et découvre ce qu'il nomme "l'existence absolue". Une odyssée fiévreuse et sensuelle qui débute au cœur de Paris.
Yannick Haenel lira des extraits de Cercle, accompagné à la guitare électrique par Guillaume Eymenier et par les images du film de La désertion parfaite, d'après Cercle I. Cercle, coll. L’infini, Gallimard 2007. 

Cats Hats Gowns

Live show among Bertrand Lamarche's exhibition “The Funnel"
Centre d'Art Contemporain La Galerie - Noisy le Sec

PACE live - le 64 - Paris


I Am A Vowel, Cats Hats Gowns - Sauf lundi chez Florence Dimier - Paris -- foto by Eve Couturier


Centre Pompidou, Paris

Films de Cedrick Eymenier
P#08 Frankfurt, music Cats Hats Gowns
P#09 Chicago, music Fennesz
as part of "Point Ligne Plan - 10 ans" 2/3/4 mai 2008

Untrue on Casa Rodante
fotos by Cedrick Eymenier
music by Cats Hats Gowns
thanks to Guillermo Ueno 

Live - Le barbizon - Paris

Otso, Tosto edition
cd Compilation - contains 3 tracks by Cats Hats Gowns
Otso is the first publication by Tosto. It contains fotos, poems, films and music. Tosto is Lola Goldstein and Guillermo Ueno.

Cats Hats Gowns
- Galerie Jean Brolly - Paris

Live - Galerie En marge - Paris
Flyer by Laetitia Benat



Live - Centre culturel français - Turin
Cats Hats Gowns w/ Yannick Haenel
Centre Culturel Français de Turin
Via Pomba, 23 - Torino (IT)