cs11 - guillaume eymenier "a stake set"

cs-11  Guillaume Eymenier
           A Stake Set

music by Guillaume Eymenie, 2016
mastering by Stephan Mathieu, Schwebung
artwork by Sylvia Monnier

digital, go bandcamp
CDr = 10€  incl. worldwide shipping


review by Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly #1074

W. ZABARKAS - THE ORIGIN OF DREAMS (CDR by Glistening Examples)

Coriolis Sounds, so their website tells me, is a label founded by Cedrick Eymenier and so far released music on CDR, vinyl and download only. I am not sure what relationship he has with Guillaume Eymenier, but I would assume they are brothers. His eleven pieces have no titles and there is otherwise not a lot of information either. So I can't elaborate on instruments used here, processes applied, and I have to go by what I hear. The music is all drone like, and my best guess is that this is all to do with the extensive process of some kind of whatever input. I was thinking more along the lines of an instrument than of field recordings. Maybe a wind instrument or something to do with strings, and sometimes I was thinking of a church organ. Eymenier has eleven pieces here, with a total length of forty-two minutes, which means that none of this is really long. In fact in some cases, such as the third piece, it is perhaps a bit too brief and the fade out a bit too abrupt. The influences here are the usual suspects of Brian Eno, Taylor Deupree and Stephan Mathieu (who is responsible for mastering here). Throughout it is most enjoyable and yet highly unremarkable music, as it is something one has heard before, among others by those already mentioned. 
From which it is only a small step to the music produced by one W. Zabarkas, born in 1986, and who produced this in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yaroslav, the triangle of cities travelled bymany Western experimentalists going East. Discogs lists two aliases in Cyrillic as well as RIP Cyborg  and Yungcomputer. Among the tags listed by Glistening Examples on Bandcamp we find 'ambient dark ambient drone shoegaze', which certainly gives you the right perspective for this. Very much along the lines of what I just heard by Eymenier I must say but then perhaps the negative version of it. Whereas Eymenier seems to be all about producing the gentler version of ambient drone music, Zabarkas sees it has his task to produce the grittier, noisier version thereof. Say indeed the shoegaze version, full on with its effect pedals pressed fully down; and this time it includes chorus, flangers, phasers and distortion. I could have done this as a separate review but what ties Eymenier and Zabrakas together is the fact that this too is indeed most enjoyable and yet also something one has heard enough before, mainly by those laptopists that took the main stage at an alternative music festival. Neither of this is 'bad' but both are not very original. (FdW)