cs14 - 16:9 "echolocation"

cs-14  16:9

music by 16:9
recorded at home, 2015

mastering by Giuseppe Ielasi
art work by Laetitia Benat

digital, go bandcamp
CDr = 10€  incl. worldwide shipping

review by Frans de Waard, vital Weekly #1078

16:9 - ECHOLOCATION (CDR by Coriolis Sounds)
Coriolis Sounds is the label run by Cedrid Eymenier, which his runs with his brother Guillaume, of whom we reviewed a release in Vital Weekly 1074. Cedric is also producing "photography, video, collage, installations and screenings", but music also plays an important role. I believe this is the first time I come across with it. I believe his own musical interests lie in the use of the modular synthesizer, at least judging by the music on this release. The modular synthesizer, the new laptop of the post 2010 generation; everybody seems to be using them. The music by Eymenier is all 'improvised and recorded live', which is perhaps a pity. In social media, especially when you know people who play modular synths, lots of short (video-) clips pop up with these people fiddling with filters and such and the thing I notice that it is not easy to do a good composed piece with these. Often it sticks with the production of a few sounds and then feeding these through some filtering, which then effectively becomes the piece. That is also the impression I get from the ten pieces by 16:9 here. Sometimes there is a rhythm machine underneath, but it the synths bubble and oscillate; sometimes all of this without the rhythm, playing a more ambient tune. As a sketchbook of results of investigating modular synthesizers this is probably not a bad thing, but a digital release would have been in just a fine place also.