cs18 - lugano fell "asia sleepmusic"

cs-18  Lugano Fell
           Asia sleep music

music by james s. taylor
handmade cdr album
unlimited edition of 33 copies

"This piece wrote itself in July 2016 after a weeklong residence called Cassiopeia in the South of France.
Random volume arpeggios at 20 bpm controlling a Roland D50 synth. I actually slept on the floor of my apartment as the recording was made.
The original duration of 2.5 hours was reduced for the cd format when my step daughter was having difficulty falling asleep. I would play

the music on a small CD player at bedtime. It didn’t make any difference to her insomnia but I grew to like the almost annoying / almost calming bells.
I recommend listening on the smallest speakers possible at the lowest possible volume. But then again do what you want.
Music for sleeping, meditation, massage, sex, work, food and cats."
-- James S. Taylor