cs19 - lugano fell "radelec tevelec"

cs-18  Lugano Fell
           Radelec Tevelec

music by james s. taylor
handmade cdr album
unlimited edition of 39 copies
This is the ying-yang / evil twin brother of Asia Sleepmusic, the last CDR from Lugano Fell. This music was once described as easy listening noise - It was recorded in various hotel rooms on various broken equipment. Mainly as a way to placate pre-gig nerves and to pass the time with cheap beer. I remember watching the inaguration of George Bush jnr whilst kicking a microphone on the floor. I remember wanting everything to feedback into everything else. I remember wanting play this music in the club and not the boom boom. I remember trying to steal the sign of the bankrupt TV store that was called Radelec Tevelec. I remember wanting to make a soundtrack to my tinitus. I dont remember when it was recorded. I dont remember on what machines. I dont remember the titles of the tracks. Unplanned obsolesence.
Lugano Fell is the experimental sound project from James S. Taylor (ex Swayzak)
Thanks to Dwayne Sodahberg, Cedrick Eymenier and all shitty Chinese audio technology stores worldwide 
-- James S. Taylor