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-- future gigs
 2019-FEB-15 Degrees of Caution I, exhibition opening w/ Mark Borthwick (live) @ Centre Photographique, Marseille
 2019-FEB-27 Aller vers son penchant I, Albanian Stools (James S. Taylor), dj 16:9 @ Black out, Montpellier
 2019-MARCH-15 Degrees of Caution II, exhibition opening w/ Jeff Rian (live), Angola Stools (live), dj 16:9 @ Centre Photographique, Marseille
 2019-MARCH-29 JST & dj Caramello Koala @ Total record, Montpellier
 2019-APRIL-13 Do u really love techno w/  dj Caramello Koala, and more Goldy friends @ Lezardiere, Montpellier
 2019-MAY-9 Aller vers son penchant II Sahel Novecento (live), Angola Stools (live), dj Caramello Koala
@ Black out, Montpellier

-- radio coriolis youtube live streaming
    a monthly dripping radio show by james s. taylor & dj 16:9
    + special one from London w/ i am a vowel (march)

-- le soleil se lève et se couche sans obstacle (video-souvenir)
    A Tropicool Cie event w/ original music by
    by james s. taylor & 16:9