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2017-AOUT-25 - 12h-18h : Coriolis Sound system w/ live music by becoming, i am a vowel, lugano fell, cats hats gowns @ MRAC, Serignan
2017-AOUT-19 - i am a vowel (live) + james s. taylor, 16:9 + axel amara @ Le Zoo bar, Montpellier
2017-AOUT-12 - 16:9 + axel amara, chuck no & mr wilson @ Le Zoo bar, Montpellier
2017-JUNE-23 - 16:9 spinning coriolis sounds (dj set) @ Le Consortium Dijon
2017-JUNE-08 - James S. Taylor (live) - label showcase with Wool, Linge, Hapax, Vision Nocturne, Coriolis Sounds @ Le Black Out, Montpellier 
2017-JUNE-02 - Amara + 16:9 (dj) @ Le Black Out, Montpellier
2017-MAY-20 - Becoming (James S. Taylor & 16:9), live @ La Nuit des Musées, La Graineterie, Houilles
2017-MAY-18 - Becoming (James S. Taylor & 16:9), live @ La Friche Mimi, Montpellier
2017-MARCH-24 / JUNE 24 - Cats Hats Gowns "Sunset video series" (exhibition) @ Le Consortium, Dijon  

soon, the future :
new music by i am a vowel, becoming, lugano fell, cats hats gowns

-du 24 mars au 15 dec 2017 Coriolis Sounds back catalogue, available @ librairie Tropicool Cie, Le Consortium, Dijon
-"Radiance II" Original score by France Jobin & Stephan Mathieu for Cedrick Eymenier's The Answer - Schwebung
-"Rue de la Méditerranée" by Canicule, w/ reworks by Cats Hats Gowns - Scum Yr Earth
-cassiopeia video report by Sebastien Jamain & Sarra Majdoub soon - watch