the more we play, the less you pay
-- for booking :

2020-june-12 marmona (aka axelle von dorpp), dj 16:9 (aka ced o' coriolis), @tralala, montpellier

(time, gmt+1)

+ radio coriolis
1st mondays of the month, 9pm, by James S. Taylor & Ced O' Coriolis

+ alter sapukai radio
mondays, the international french fighter show, by Sebastien Jamain
tuesdays, 19-21:00, the little pink fluffy clouds show, by Karen Vogt
wednesdays, 19-22:00, the exquisite pong show, by dj 16:9 + guest
sundays, 19-22:00, the endless sunday show, by dj 16:9

+ the neon hospice
sundays, 21:30-22:30, i am a vowel, live